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About Latize

Founded by two enterprising and impassioned geeks, Latize is an upstart in the realm of business intelligence, data management and Big Data. In a world constantly bombarded and inundated by information, Latize is heralding the new age of harnessed and directed data. You might have a set of preconceived notions around how your company’s data can work for you. Whatever you had in mind, Latize is going to upend it, give it good shake, and set your data in front of you like you have never seen it before.

What we do at Latize is encapsulated in three pillars: data capture, data transformation, and data utilisation. Latize captures data from both within your organisation, and from public sources such websites, social media networks, etc to give you a comprehensive view of the landscape. Experienced in data handling, we transform your data to present it in ways that not only help you understand it better, but also maximises the insights you can glean from it to reach your objectives.

Latize’s ethos comes from understanding the importance of capturing the right data, rendering it usable to everyone, and leveraging it to achieve positive outcomes. What sets our team apart is that we understand the fluidity and dynamism of data, and can help you harness it to accomplish more.


IF Accreditation@IMDA could be represented by a hashtag (or two), #SupportLocal or #BuySingapore would be it.

The scheme was launched by the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) in July 2014 to accredit and help promising homegrown tech companies clinch more government work. All of them say the accreditation has boosted their credibility, confidence and access to not just the public sector, but large corporations as well.

Accreditation@IMDA streamlines the government procurement process such that accredited companies will be considered first for projects by government agencies. As at July 2015, the scheme has lined up some 125 projects from 50 government agencies.

Our Journey

The revolutionary road is never an easy one to travel and Latize knows that very well. As a young company, we have canvassed hard for our cause. We have had to walk away from the skeptic, but we have also gained strong allies on our path to a true data revolution. Here is a look at our victories so far:

April 2009
Founding of Latize Pte Ltd
May 2009
Won first project of data management services for a Singapore government agency
December 2012
Completed Latize Ulysses version 1
January 2013
Won first project for Latize Ulysses
December 2013
Won first million dollar contract for Latize Ulysses
June 2014
Launched Latize Ulysses version 2
December 2014
Achieved IDA Accreditation for Latize Ulysses
January 2015
Completed Series AA fundraise
May 2015
Moved to larger office premises at Aperia Tower 1 to better serve partners and customers
July 2015
Launched Latize Spark Labs to fuel innovative app development around Ulysses
June 2016
Launched Latize Ulysses version 3
July 2016
Opening of Sydney office
August 2016
Series AA 1 Funding
January 2017
Opening of Perth office