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Solutions by Functions

Customer and Prospect Management

Ulysses single view of the customer is a driver of competitiveness for organisations looking to improve their customer relationship management. Until such time as you are aware of all the dependencies surrounding customer and prospect engagement you cannot maximise your service delivery and minimise your cost of engagement. Ulysses provides a comprehensive view of those dependencies and their drivers.

Process Management and Improvement

Ulysses Knowledge Discovery and Single View solutions provide visibility of process bottlenecks from which decisions can be made to streamline processes for better and faster decision-making. Without Ulysses those bottlenecks are often not apparent requiring complex and costly process re-engineering projects the outcomes of which are still subject to data analytics and probability variance in terms of corrective action to be taken.

Risk Assessment and Mitigation

In the area of compliance and risk management, organisations are struggling to keep up with developments in technology. Those developments are enabling incursions from different directions and in different ways to past threats. Under these conditions it is imperative that all available data, within and without an organisation, is fully understood and utilised. The security and policing sectors are at the forefront of this challenge and those using Ulysses Investigation Analytics are meeting the challenge.

Further, the FSI sector Ulysses clients are finding that early detection and remedial action is limiting and resolving many anti-money laundering and fraudulent transactions that previously would have escaped detection.