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Solutions by Industry


One of the primary objectives of governments in any jurisdiction is constituent engagement. Examples of citizens becoming frustrated with government bureaucracy abound and most can be traced to a lack of information in the hands of the government agency representative. Ulysses single view of the customer brings the various sources of government and public information together providing a single view of the citizens’ relationship with government thereby enabling much better and comprehensive service delivery.


There have been many attempts in recent years for organisations to be able to better understand the dynamics of the market in which they operate. The relationships organisations have with suppliers, contractors, and clients are multifaceted and numerous requiring extensive investigation and analysis to obtain clarity.

Ulysses single view capability however brings that clarity into focus by drawing all data into an intuitive interface that business users immediately understand. People, companies, events, transactions, products, services, and many more attributes are linked in a relationship manner from which cause and effect can be easily and accurately inferred.

Financial Services

Most organisations of substance in the financial services sector offer a broad range of products and services by which customers can interact. Many of those services are under threat by developments in technology that are facilitating other company’s entry as competitors to the traditional banks and insurance companies. What is referred to as “Fintech” is front of mind for all FSI executives.

Ulysses can assist traditional FSI institutions to remain competitive by presenting all the information on any customer or interaction in a single view. Despite the proliferation of multiple systems, many of which are legacy systems of some age, Ulysses can extract, transform, and present actionable insights to business users without the need for complex data analysis.

The ability of Ulysses to relate data points in an intelligent manner also facilitates the tracking of fraud and the early detection of anti-money laundering activity.